Get more from your marketing.

Stealth's Fractional CMO Program provides the roadmap and accountability to reach your marketing goals.

Fractional CMOs Make Sense

More businesses want Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) performance at a fraction of the cost.

Companies looking for a “Fractional CMO” have increased over 130% in the last year.

Data sourced from Google Trends.

Advantages of a Fractional CMO

  • High-end marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost

  • Specialized expertise to compliment and enhance your internal teams

  • Better performance from your marketing agency by having an experienced leader on your team who can speak agency language and hold them accountable

We Solve Your Marketing Challenges

You're lacking clarity in how to improve your marketing.

With a Stealth Marketing Roadmap™, we start by creating an ROI formula for success between marketing and sales. Then we'll bring clarity to the best way to position the value you create for customers, the right messaging, how to create urgency, where to advertise, and the best way to allocate your budget.

You don't trust how your marketing agency is performing for you.

For most companies, choosing the right digital marketing partner(s) can mean a difference between a 1-10x in revenue, or potentially worse, a revenue decline. If you're questioning results and unsure about what you're actually getting, agency hopping likely won't solve the problem.

You don't know how to hold your marketing agency accountable.

Most businesses contract an agency with misaligned expectations of what success looks like. With Stealth, we can get you the clarity and help hold your marketing agency accountable to generating a real increase in sales leads.

You're thinking about hiring a full-time marketing position.

Most businesses staff marketing incorrectly. Many hire really high like a CMO or VP of Marketing and become frustrated when that person doesn't want to perform the "small stuff", requires a substantial budget to hire a large team, and only brings tactics they've used at previous companies. And others hire a Marketing Manager/Director expecting them to create their whole marketing strategy with financial alignment, yet the hire doesn't have nearly the experience to do so. Stealth brings high-end expertise at a fraction of the cost.

You're ready to switch marketing agencies, but don't want to end up in the same place.

With Stealth Agency Oversight™, you get the confidence of selecting the right digital marketing partner, vetted by some of the best in the industry from angles only an insider would know. We’re not only experts in the marketing industry, but in the marketing industry business. Thousands of times we’ve seen it, lived it, pitched it, developed it, executed it at the highest level, sold it, grown and sold businesses in it, and stressed and pondered over just about everything you can think of that has to do with marketing. We know what tricks some companies slide into a contract, and how everything sounds great at first, and eventually unwinds leaving everyone frustrated. Let Stealth have your back at the negotiation table.

Your growth feels stuck and everyday just adds more to the chaos.

The most many businesses ever grow is based on how much the owner is willing to work. Stealth consults using the globally respected EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) method to get everyone in your company rowing in the same direction.

The Only Fractional CMO Team with a Proven Program

  • Strategic Marketing Roadmap™ to deliver your growth goals

  • Quarterbacking and Accountability of your company's marketing

  • Agency Oversight™ to deliver better results

Make real progress with Stealth.

Toni, Founder

3M+ Annual Revenue

"We're finally progressing, and not just surviving!"

Jeff V, Founder

5M+ Annual Revenue

"You're like professors of marketing, but actually care about us learning it."

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